Team Leader: Cindy Vizcarra

Team Leaders are an integral part of Event Day. They organize and mobilize a team, usually made up of friends or coworkers, and tackle an entire house together. Event Day is made exponentially smoother thanks in large part to our Team Leaders. Today we are sharing a story of one such team leader, Cindy Vizcarra.

Originally from Oklahoma, Cindy grew up as an Army brat. Her family moved to El Paso when she was young, and she’s lived here most of her life. She works as a Program Specialist for Adult Protective Services, where she has been employed for fifteen years.

It’s not uncommon for us to work in tandem with Adult Protective Services, as their work often aligns with our mission. This was how Cindy initially linked up with RTEP. She referred a client of hers to us for home repairs. Community members urged her to get more involved with RTEP and, considering her charitable spirit, it’s no surprise that she jumped in with both feet. That was eight years ago. Since then she has volunteered in different capacities including being a Home Liaison and now a Team Leader.

Cindy Vizcarra

Cindy looking on as a team member paints the trim on Event Day 2014.

This most recent Event Day was one of the easiest yet for Cindy and her team. Only one interior room and the outside trim needed painting. When the team arrived ready and raring to go on the morning of Event Day, it was discovered that the homeowner had left town and wasn’t home! Fortunately, his daughter allowed the team in. The homeowner’s son-in-law even got involved, climbing up a ladder and painting alongside the team all day.

When asked how Cindy manages to successfully assemble a team each year, she chalked it up to the motivation of her team members:

I have a group of “old faithfuls” that have helped me out for years! I try and recruit new caseworkers and family members. I get great feedback from our team, and they love doing this. It’s harder than it looks, but we have a great time!

She points out that everyone has something to add to the team. A team member that can’t participate in the painting and yard work due to a physical disability contributes by making thirty (and sometimes more!) burritos and bringing extra waters.

Event Day 2014

An APS team member showing us how it’s done, Event Day 2014. Photo by Cindy Vizcarra.

Cindy adds, “It’s a great feeling to see the before and after pictures and know that we had a part in it. It’s an opportunity for us to give back to the community and work with one another in a way we don’t always get to at our agency. We love the homeowners’ expression and heartfelt thanks at the end of the day, makes it all worth it!”

Thank you to Cindy and the entire APS team for their years of volunteer service! If you are interested in putting together a team for Event Day, you can contact us by leaving a comment here, messaging us on Facebook, or e-mailing us.

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