RTEP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which exist for charitable, educational, scientific, religious or literary purposes. In our case obviously a charitable purpose. Although our purpose is not to make profit, rather to help low income elderly and or disabled people, we still run a profit and loss account. We have an “income” by the grants and donations we receive and we have costs for the repairs at the homes which we assist, renting the warehouse, paying our contribution to the national organization and some other costs. We need to take care that we don’t spend more than what we receive and our organization has been very successful doing this year after year. So managing the organization financially is an important task, just like with any other company. The Treasurer plays an important role in this responsibility. We can be proud that we are able allocate some 93% of our total budget to the repair of the homes, which is our primary goal.


Rebuilding Together might be well known by the community as that organization which paints homes with volunteers, but less visible is all the work which goes into the preparation.

First the painting is just the finishing touch to projects which entail repairs in plumbing, electricity, roofs, walls and floors as well as safety related work such as the installation of grab bars, rails or conversion of tubs into showers.

In order to organize these activities we have a working Board of Directors, each with responsibility to oversee and complete a specific task. A very important task is the Home Selection and Review, obviously active in the process from receiving the application to qualifying a homeowner. The Contractor Liaison takes over after the qualification to plan the project and to get the skilled labor of contractors arranged. When it comes to painting, the Home Liaison Chair and the Volunteer Chair in the Board spring into action and to organize a volunteer team as well as arrange for a home liaison, as special volunteer who can act as he project leader for a specific home.


We have a warehouse to provide all the materials, like paint, brushes, rollers and tape as well as ladders; this warehouse falls under the responsibility of the the Warehouse Chair, while the one who takes care that the materials are available is the Logistic Chair.

We would like to have as much publicity as possible to get support from donors and volunteers; this activity is in the hands of the Public Relations Chair, while the Fundraising Chair works on the grants and other fundraisers.

Representing our organization in the community is important and there are plenty of opportunities for this. First we have the relationship with the Department of Community Development of the City of El Paso, our main sponsor. Every year we have to compete with other non-profits in El Paso in the grant distribution; we have to provide quite some documentation and plans to justify. We are proud that we have a good relationship with the Community Development Department and that the City has quite some confidence in our performance.

We work to promote our activities as well under the Social and Health organizations. It is especially these people who through their good work interact with our target group, the low income elderly and disable people. They see the challenges these elderly people are confronted with; these social and health workers have to be made aware what role Rebuilding Together can play to help and what the qualification criteria are.


2013 Pic's from Crimes Against the Elderly 4

We like to represent our organization at conferences, at fairs and events like the Bienvenido event at Fort Bliss, when volunteering for the community is promoted. In early October we will at the 7th Annual Crimes Against the Elderly Conference – Tuesday, October 7, 2014 and we will be present at at table or booth to give further explanations about our organization.

We welcome anyone’s support, whether be it a donor or sponsor, a volunteer at Event Day or as member of a committee or the Board. The low income homeowners in El Paso need your support.


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  1. Laird

    This is a great description of what Rebuilding Together El Paso is about as well as what it is doing (and is able to do) for the most vulnerable in El Paso. It makes me proud to be a member of the organization, to be able to give back to the community.


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