Dear Applicant,
Thanks for asking the support of Rebuilding Together. After your application has reached us , it will be reviewed by our Committee, responsible for defining whether you qualify for assistance. Our organization has to follow the rules defined by the City of El Paso and to qualify you have to be :
– The owner and occupant of the house for which you are asking support
– Be at least 60 years of age or be disabled
– Have a salary, pension or social security which is defined by HUD as of low income
– Live within the city of El Paso, or in the county depending on the available fund allowing for service outside the city
When above rules don’t apply apply to you, please don’t send the application, because we cannot take care of your request for support. When you do fall within those rules, please click on the links above this letter for downloading the application and ethnicity form and send your complete and signed application to the following address :
Rebuilding Together El Paso
6400 Airport Road, Bld A, Set G
El Paso, TX 79925
Please be aware that our resources are limited for making repairs which secure your safety, health, and your wellbeing in summer and winter. We don’t have resources to help you with payments for the the home, utilities, cloths or furniture.
Chairman Home Review

Download forms : Application and eligibility-form-for-repairs