In 2016 Rebuilding Together worked on 60 projects. Two projects were community based. We installed a big laundry room at the Reynolds Home and we painted part of the Veterans Community Center at Dyer. We touched the lives of some 400 low income citizens, of which 85 in their homes.

Number of Clients

We made repairs of roofs, walls, floors, bathrooms, gas lines, etc.


In 2015 we involved volunteers in the painting and yard cleaning of 40 homes. Volunteers came from UTEP, Fort Bliss, Church groups, Banks, Companies. These days are dull of team building, camaraderie, fun, but above all a restoring of the pride of homeowners. WE hear statements like : “People stop at the home and admire what the volunteers have done”, “I can invite my children and family again in my home”, ….


We bring the volunteers out there during Event Days. We can count on some 1000 volunteers, which are supporting Rebuilding Together on Event Days like :

  • Project Move in February
  • National Rebuild day in April
  • Make a Difference day of Fort Bliss in October
  • Veterans Day in November