Mission : Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives

Since 1991, so far 850 homes, 2000 homeowners and family, $2,3 Mln invested

Present output 85 homes/year, 2 community centers/year after doubling our output in 5 years.

 CDBG support for at least 10 years

Last fiscal year 2017-2018 Grant $135,000

We are closing the fiscal year 2017-2018 of CDBG and we have met our targets. We had to do 20 home repairs in both district 1 and 8. Since it was hard to find 20 homeowners in district 1, the city allowed us to compensate with homes from other districts. Under the coverage of the funding of District 1, we have submitted 36 homes, while we exactly met the target of 20 homes in district 8.

Our efforts to find homes in District 1 :

  1. We received the name and contact information of a community leader from the Borderland area. We contacted the person, explained that we could help 20 homeowners in that area and we agree that there would be a place to meet. There was no reaction and we tried to contact the person numerous times, without success.
  2. We visited the area and targeted the church to meet people. We attended a bible study class and were able to speak to the priest and some 20 people attending the church. We explained the program, left brochures behind and got the promise that members of the congregation would be invited and we would get a chance to talk to more people. We never heard back from the priest and finally getting contact, there was no interest anymore
  3. We visited the stores around Borderland and asked if we could set up a table to inform the people that we offered free home repairs. The store managers of 4 stores refused us the opportunity (we don’t sell cookies….)
  4. The city accepted our efforts and opened up to the rest off the city to fulfill our target.

We thank the Community and Human development Dept for their support in accomplishing our mission of “Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives”

Besides working with contractors for the home repairs many volunteers do the final touch to the homes by painting and yard cleaning.

Volunteers are skilled and non-skilled.

Volunteers Project Move : 220 persons

Volunteers Event Say.       : 650 persons

Volunteers other events. : 130 persons

Total volunteers.                :~1,000 persons


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