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A quick look around our blog archives and you’ll find stories from family members and homeowners we’ve helped, volunteers who have served alongside us for years, and the good work of our fellow affiliates across the country. Our hope is that seeing the positive impact of Rebuilding Together will spur you to action. Feeling like you want to help? Here’s how you can get involved:

1. For The Home Review activity we need 2 or 3 persons. Their responsibility will be to visit clients at their home and take note of required repairs. They will use a Safe and Health priority list and they will make a Scope of Work. Several other documents have to be filled out. In special cases they will document the life story of the homeowner.

2. Home Review Director

We have a position in the Board to oversee the Home Review activity from application to obtaining approval for repair from the City. The Director works with the Home Review people and provides input to the Contractor Liaison.

3. Contractor Liaison is another Director position in the Board. The input of the Scope of Work of Home Review is used to make a Request for Quotation to two contractors and to select the best offer. Depending on the available resources a decision is made to assign a contractor. Upon finishing the contract, the Contractor Liaison will inspect the outcome and has the homeowner sign off. The Treasurer will be requested to cut a check for the contractor.
The Contractor Liaison maintains a planning for the projects at hand.

4. Project Manager is a supporting position to the Home Review Director and Contractor Liaison. Certain grant providers  require a project coordination for their project. Organizing an Event Day requires a project coordination.

5. Public Relations Director for maintaining a relationship with the media, managing social media, writing press releases and involvement in fundraisers. The overall objective is to raise the brand equity of Rebuilding Together. Support from National can be obtained.

6. Grant Writer. Exploring grant opportunities and providing the required documentation.

7. Director for Logistics

Upon an Event Day, there is intensive movement of materials from and to the warehouse for the painting and yard cleaning.
Other indirect materials and services for supporting the volunteers in the field are required as well, like t-shirts, lunches, trash containers, port-o-johns, etc.8. House Captains. During an Event Day up to 20 homes are painted and yards cleaned. Especially the painting by unskilled volunteers would require guidance from a House Captains with relevant experience and leadership skills.9. Soliciting and managing in-kind donations. Several companies make materials available to non-profits, which provide an opportunity for cost reductions and extending support to our clients. Part of it could even possibly generate an income stream.

10. Lawyer. It would be beneficial to have a lawyer on the Board doe handling legal aspects of our affiliate.

The majority of the decision making, planning, and the execution of our projects comes from our board at bi-monthly meetings. As Event Day nears, the board meets more regularly to ensure that things go smoothly.

Currently, there is an opening for our Logistics Chairperson. Every so often, additional chair positions become vacant. Keep your eyes on our Board of Directors page or contact us if you are interested in a board position. Although many on our board have served for years, we are always open to fresh ideas and new members.

Perhaps you want to be involved but want to start in a smaller role. If that’s the case, you could be a committee member. Committee members attend board meetings and coordinate with their specific chair to complete tasks. It’s a great way to volunteer your time without as making quite as much of a commitment to start.

Plan to help out on Event Day


Participating in Event Day doesn’t require any particularly skills or know-how. All that is necessary is a willingness to help and making yourself available on National Rebuilding Day. (That will be April 25, 2015.) General volunteers will be assigned a team. You’re welcome to join us the night before as part of our big kickoff celebration, but otherwise, you’ll only be asked to give your time on the day of.

If Event Day is your thing, but you are able to give a little bit more of yourself, consider being a Team Leader or Home Liaison. Team Leaders rally together a group of friends or coworkers, who will all work on one particular house together. The Team Leader ensures that everyone shows up, assists with paperwork, and coordinates with the Home Liaison. Home Liaisons are the point people on each job. They meet with their assigned homeowner in advance, keep the team on track during the event, and make sure everything is to the homeowner’s standard before the end of the day. This position requires your attendance at a few additional events before hand, but I can personally attest to how rewarding a position it is.

Donate or attend our fundraiser

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Sometimes we wish to help, but we are unable to give our time. When that’s the case, we’d encourage you to get involved by donating. Our fall fundraiser is still in the works with details to come soon. In the meantime, you make a tax-deductible donation by clicking here. When considering donating to our cause, keep in mind that we are non-profit, non-sectarian, and we are completely supported by donations. Every dollar given is a wisely spent investment in building a better America.

Contact us

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia

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If you have a special skill that you think could benefit our organization, we’d love to hear about it! We often build partnerships through word of mouth and chance encounters. If you have something special to bring to the table, even though it isn’t listed here, we can find a place for you. Leave a comment here or visit the contact us page.

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