Hear the gratitude of Raul Eric De Haro (Click the picture):

DSC_8654Japanese Lady

Mrs Etsuko Camacho, expresses her gratitude in Japanese (just click the picture)




Hope Jackson (in the middle) of the Institute of Hope/House of Peace. 

I truly thank Teams Depot and Rebuilding Together for all the support you provided! The yard is absolutely beautiful and this gift would not be possible without you!! Jonathan, you are the best Maintenance and Construction Director I could ever ask for!!
Again, many thanks to the TEAM for coming together to make the Rutherford Home the BEST place for our Female Veterans to call home!!
May God bestow a multitude of blessings upon you and your family on this Resurrection Sunday and many decades to come!!
Mrs. Concepcion R.
I really could not get into the tub anymore and had to work with this big sinc bucket. I am so grateful that I can shower now, while holding myself at the grab bars. God bless Rebuilding Together for helping me out.
The 92 year old Martha is delighted with the help of Rebuilding Together. Her roof was repaired and the water damage in the home was painted over by the Wells Fargo team. She is confident that she is now able to continue her lo ng life in her own home.
Ana Maria L. can put the buckets away, which she always needed when a rain shower was pouring down. The humidity in the home effected her granddaughter, who is suffering from asthma. It effected her home with the walls starting to crumble away.  Rebuilding Together arranged for the support of Lowe’s and at this day life changed for the better. We are happy that we could rebuild this home and the life of Ana Maria and her family.