Safe homes and communities for everyone.



Rebuilding Together El Paso is taking COVID-19 precaution very serious. Based on improved circumstances and request of volunteer teams, we have started limited volunteer activities with COVId-19 precautions. Only external projects have taken place so far. The home repairs by contractors have and will continue as essential business.

When further improvements allow we will resume interior painting projects as well.


Rebuilding Together El Paso (RTEP) is a non-profit organization serving low-income homeowners by safety and health related repairs and improvements in their home at no costs to them. We work with contractors, skilled and youthful volunteers. Over time we have invested over $2,500,000 in the community and helped over 2000 homeowners and their families. We encourage people in need of critical repairs to apply for our service, we ask the community to support us financially to make this possible and to volunteer in the execution.

Our mission is : Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

We are looking for people who want to serve on our Board. we would like to have someone with a legal background, a volunteer coordinator, project manager, public relations network, social media expert. 





The new fiscal year 2020 – 2021 starts on September 1. The city requires us to serve homeowners who live in District 6 and 7.

Applications from these districts will get priority. The application can be downloaded from the menu bar, or requested by phone 915 832 7010.


Rebuilding Together provides critical repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners across the United States. Twenty five years, 150,000 homes and counting! Click HERE to learn more about the national organization. Rebuilding Together El Paso is our local chapter and our mission is to improve the homes and lives of those less fortunate within our own community.